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“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”

(The Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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Human IS Right is a subsidiary program of Global Conscience Initiative and it aims to bring a deeper conscience on human rights in the Buea region.

Its mission is inspired by the same principles of GCI and its work is strictly in cooperation with the one of the main office.

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Contributions to the strategy of implementation of human rights
(22/03/2016 19:49)

Within the framework of the 5 years national action plan for the promotion and protection of human rights in Cameroon, Human Is Right was invited to make contributions to the strategy of implementation following guidelines from the department of human rights under the ministry of Justice, the national commission on human rights and freedoms and the prime minister's office.

Stay up to date!
(22/03/2016 19:46)

Stay up to date on how Human IS Right is driving positive social change through research, education, and public engagement that inform local communities, the judicial system, the national commission on human rights and freedoms and civil society organisations on programs designed to address disparities in well-being and promote social inclusion in a sustainable way.
We have been committed to providing access to justice to less privilege persons.

Reviewing education in prisons (Kumba and Buea): a critical challenge.
(21/11/2015 19:11)

Human IS Right in partnership with Operation Total Impact and CAMBECSOR are currently carrying out formal education and reformation education to adults and juveniles within the Buea and Kumba prisons. It is a real challenge to undertake this difficult task.
Our team wishes to find out from You, how can participation in prison education programmes be improved? How do we measure performance and effectiveness...? Which teaching models work, and what good practice exists?

We encouraging all our past interns/volunteers and all those who wish to support our work to make their voice heard. The action aims to assess how we can improve education for prisoners, with plans to make recommendations to government in 2016. We welcome all contributions which has the potential to ensure that education in prisons offers a wide ranging curriculum which provides meaningful learning opportunities.
You can input your experiences, evidence, and proposals by email to

Hello everyone!!!
(26/10/2015 20:28)

Hello everyone!!!

We have been so busy and it is amazing that we even have time to pause to read an email. But let’s take a quick break to reflect on the impact we are making in our world.

In the past few months, Human IS Right has supported more than 50 detainees from Buea, Kumba, Tiko, Limbe and Douala and has partnered with more than 5 organizations to keep up with this great initiative. We are proud that these figures and our work reflect tangible results in the lives of numerous individuals in need of access to justice. Our impact can be seen in detention centers , the courts, police and gendarme detention centers...

We are impacting persons living in most degrading human conditions and bring hope and light in their lives. As we move ahead, we are particularly excited about the new partnership forged with local diplomatic representations through the connection of the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Everyday we all work so hard and sometimes get lost in the to do lists, and email inboxes to realize the sum total of the impact we are having on the work. Together we can multiply our impact by investing in the non profit sector and support organizations and networks that are addressing critical social issues.

Transforming Prisons into learning centers, an urgent need.
(11/09/2015 09:52)

Many people in contact with the Criminal Justice System need to develop qualities and skills such as resilience, self-confidence, communication and team work. Not only are these wider life skills critical for challenging offending behaviour, but they can also act as a foundation or stepping stone on the path to engaging with more traditional forms of learning.

The voluntary sector makes a key contribution to this, with many organisations excelling at providing education services which encompass more creative approaches to learning, often making use of the arts or sport to engage learners and complement more traditional learning methods. Human IS Right , Operation Total Impact and CAMBECSOR works as partners to support the development of creative interventions to support people in prison with impressive results. This consortium hopes that based on past achievements (this year over 50% results recorded at the CGE ordinary level and Baccalaureat for Buea, Kumba and Kribi inmates) current and future plans to make prisons learning centers, the Ministry of Basic education, the GCE Board, the ministry of social affairs and the ministry of Justice will review policy of how the quality and methods of prison teaching can be improved and to make recommendations to further support such approaches.

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