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Francesco Frigerio - General Coordinator and co-founder

Francesco is from Italy. He studied Interpretation and Translation in English and French and he has lived and worked in Italy, Ireland, Spain, Cameroon and Switzerland. He is a Project Specialist and a Human Rights Activist. He took part in the start-up of the Prisoners' Rights Project for Global Conscience Initiative in the Buea office in 2009. Before and after this experience he cooperated with several NGOs.

Francesco has a strong passion for human rights, international cooperation and sustainability.

In Human IS Right his main tasks are coordinating the organization, starting up new projects and assessing the development of the existing ones.

Blaise Aime Chamango - Project Coordinator and co-founder

Blaise Chamango has four years of experience working in human rights and community development. He holds a Bsc in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Buea, where he studied basics of Human Rights and International Relations. He completed his Diploma in Project Management (PMP) at ADCOME Academy of Studies, where he supervised small community development projects while ongoing training.

Blaise has a strong passion for human rights, equal opportunity, and gender issues. Above all, Blaise champions sustainable development and social responsibility.

In Human IS Right he is coordinating the start-up and the operation of projects.

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