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Human IS Right is looking for friends who would like to…adopt out projects!

If you believe in human rights and you would you like to help us with an original gift for you or for whoever you want, make a donation to Human IS Right!

Human IS Right is an NGO dealing developing a few projects in Cameroon and you can be part of us!

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Because we do believe in human rights!

Human IS Right

The Juvenile Delinquency Reformation Project carries out a needs assessment survey in Buea Prison and at the Boastal Institute with the objective of finding ways to support the re-educative services provided by the Boastal Institute and help the juveniles become better citizens.

Following the investigation and identification of the said needs, the project creates individual files for each of the juveniles detained in the regular prison with the aim to provide the needed assistance with the collaboration of the Boastal Institute. Then the project builds a network of associations and people willing to create opportunities for a purposefully reinsertion into society of juveniles in different fields. The final step is the execution of such a project with the involvement of the Boastal Institute, the juveniles and all stakeholders.

Involving juveniles in our project activities aims to improve their development, both physically and psychologically. The project aims to turn a reformation center into a more profitable rehabilitative and productive structure: the wider society will benefit in the long term, while all individuals enjoy What does the role involve?

Working with the Borstal Institute, the placement aims to support education and reeducation process of youth with social problems. To do this you will:

  • Facilitate and develop trainings and classes according to your personal skills and according to the need of trainees
  • Support social education program performed in Institute
  • Build personal relationship with trainees in order to encourage their talents and abilities
  • Promote and encourage the restoration of relationship between trainees and families
  • Build the capacity of the local staff to provide effective educational and reeducational skills Skills, qualifications and experience required
  • Degree level qualification in social or educational science or at least 1 year of significant experiences as social educator
  • Previous experience abroad working or volunteering. Previous experiences in Africa is preferable.
  • Good knowledge of English or French. Ability to speak fluently in both languages is preferable.
  • Experience in implementing educational methodologies with strong training andfacilitation skills.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team.
  • Flexibility and ability to work creatively with limited resources.
  • Skills at using a capacity building approach with others you are cooperating
  • Excellent communication skills, a professional attitude and the ability to respond to changes.
  • Good mediation skills. Since in Cameroon methodologies and approach to social work is really different compared to the European ones is important that the volunteer is able and willing to be in constant dialogue with the staff and administration of Borstal Institute to find shared solutions of problems.

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