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Prisoners Rights Project | Juvenile Delinquency Reformation Project | Gender Equality in Rural Cameroon Project
Prisoner's rights project

In January 2008, Global Conscience Initiative started the Prisoners' Rights Defence Project, aimed to observe the conditions of detainees in the Cameroonian prison system and to subsequently give them assistance, both in a legal way and by trying to improve the above mentioned conditions.

Juvenile Delinquency Reformation Project

The Juvenile Delinquency Reformation Project carries out a needs assessment survey in Buea Prison and at the Boastal Institute with the objective of finding ways to support the re-educative services provided by the Boastal Institute and help the juveniles become better citizens.

Supporting Gender Equality in Rural Cameroon Project

In present day Cameroon, women are still regarded as subordinate to men in almost all aspects of daily life, especially in the rural villages. National law in Cameroon is not particularly unfair to women, but traditional law is still practiced in most areas which favours men. We have found land rights to be a major issue in numerous villages and we have chosen to address this issue in the beginning stages of the project, but we will also address others as we expand and develop the project.

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