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Human IS Right needs to reflect
(24/09/2016 15:50)

After more than four years of intense activity, hopes and results achieved with a lot of commitment Human IS Right is taking a break.
We need to reflect on all what we have done and, moreover, on all what we have not done.
We strongly hope to be back soon, maybe with the help of all the ones among you who believe in us.
Just a word, thanks...!!!

The Prison Experience
(24/09/2016 15:48)

It is estimated there are currently around 9 million people in prisons across the World. Statistics can tell us which countries or regions have the highest rates of incarceration. The numbers can tell us about the most common offenses, subdivided by race and sex of offender. Statistics can record the number of assaults and fatalities among inmates. What these numbers cannot convey is the essence of what it means to be a prisoner and what the prison expe...rience entails for those being punished.
Living in a total freedomless institution can be profoundly traumatic in itself and doing so against one’s will, as a form of punishment is enough to generate powerful, specific emotions and experiences. But when faced with threats to one’s life, health or wellbeing because of issues such as prison overpopulation, physical and sexual violence, abuse of power by prison staff and management, prison riots and gang wars etc., loss of freedom becomes only one part of a more complex and darker story.
Beyond providing legal aid to pre-trial detainees, Human IS Right goes further to answering questions pertaining to the physiological, psychological, sociological, and economic conditions on detainees and its effect on society.


The alarming prevalence of Gender Based Violence
(24/09/2016 15:46)

The alarming prevalence of Gender Based Violence in the mile 16 and Ekona communities around Buea has raised the attention of many. Within this framework Human IS Right is currently undertaking interventions in many home and institutions working in collaboration with the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms to curb the situation by talking one on one with victims who are mostly young women between the ages of 16 and 32 and as well bringing most cases to the attention of public authorities such as the Regional Delegation of the Women and the Family, the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and other NGOs involved.

Contributions to the strategy of implementation of human rights
(22/03/2016 19:49)

Within the framework of the 5 years national action plan for the promotion and protection of human rights in Cameroon, Human Is Right was invited to make contributions to the strategy of implementation following guidelines from the department of human rights under the ministry of Justice, the national commission on human rights and freedoms and the prime minister's office.

Stay up to date!
(22/03/2016 19:46)

Stay up to date on how Human IS Right is driving positive social change through research, education, and public engagement that inform local communities, the judicial system, the national commission on human rights and freedoms and civil society organisations on programs designed to address disparities in well-being and promote social inclusion in a sustainable way.
We have been committed to providing access to justice to less privilege persons.


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